Ipress Center Central Europe Ltd.

Tel.: +36.27.518.990
Fax: +36.27.518.991

Branch: H-2600 Vác, Nádas utca 8.
Registration Nr.: 03-10-100494
Tax Nr.: 25075995-2-03
EUR Tax Nr.: HU25075995
GPS coordinates: +47° 44' 54.18", +19° 8' 36.95"


With car: on the road Nr.2 or  M2 route (exit:  33-34. km Sződ-Sződliget)

With truck: under 18 tons trucks on M2 route, exit Sződ-Sződliget, than road Nr. 2 to towards Vác  
18 tonna and overs on road M2 route exit Gödöllő, than road  Nr. 2 towards Sződliget/Budapest.

In order to be granted access the vehicle does not need to display a vehicle pass. M2 motorway can only be used with e-Vignette by motorcycles, cars and their trailers; motor trucks, mobile homes and buses and their trailers with a total maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tons. For lorries exceeding 3.5 tons, M2 motorway can only be used against payment of electronic road toll.