Rainbow eucalyptus -
the most colourful tree in the world

The most distinctive feature of the Rainbow eucalyptus, also known as Mindanao gum, is its unique multi-hued bark that it was named after. As the bark grows, it produces long, bright red, blue, green colour stripes: the fresh bright green inner bark later darkens and matures to give purple, orange and then maroon tones. Patches of the outer bark shed away to show off other layers of different colours. It can grow as high as 60-75 meters with a trunk of 250 centimeters in diameter, supported by 3-4 meter buttresses. This tree requires full overhead sunshine and a warm climate of at least 21 degrees Celsius, and it grows well in wet soil along waterways.

Rainbow eucalyptus is planted as an ornamental tree in exotic gardens and can be found in rain forests too, but not only: it is cultivated widely for its bark to be turned into pulp for sustainable paper production. The biggest paper-tree plantations providing means of subsistence to people, can be found on Mindanao island in the Philippines.

It is native to the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, but from 1918 the plantation went worldwide and now this pantropic species is the only type of eucalyptus growing naturally in the Northern Hemisphere too.