Trade awards

Our work is acknowledged not only by our clients but also by professionals: in recent years we have achieved outstanding results in Pro Typographic competition in Hungary which continues with a new name from 2015: Best Print Hungary. The aim of the numbered product competition is to compare the high quality products of Hungarian printing houses and show them to the public.

From a number of recognitions we are particularly proud of Best Print Hungary 2015 Printing Grand Prize, which proves that the rotary printing press is able to produce top quality products similar to those printed by flatbed printing machines.

Our achievements:

National Coach Tourism 2016 - UK

Coach Tour Operator Brochure of the Year Silver Star Holidays

Best Print Hungary 2015

Printing Grand Prize Playboy Exclusive 2014/2

In the category of heat-set rotary periodicals:

Rank Product
Gold Golferin 2014.

Pro Typographia 2013 rotary periodicals

Rank Product
Gold Premium magazine 2012/13.
Silver Golferin magazine 2012.
Excellent Stahl konyhája - 10 éve a képernyőn magazin (2012.)
Excellent Playboy Exclusive 2013/1.

Pro Typographia 2012 rotary periodicals

Rank Product
Gold La Femme 2011. winter
Bronze Playboy Exclusive 2012/01
Excellent Premium 2012. spring/summer
Excellent Magyar Konyha 2012/01-02

Pro Typographia 2011 rotary periodicals

Rank Product
Gold Premium 2010/1.
Excellent Széplak 2010/11.
Excellent Magyar Konyha 2011/1-2.