Paper coming from sustainable forestry

We are very much concerned about the shrinking forests, therefore we support a responsible and sustainable global forest management.

At the moment there are two major international certification systems certifying timber and wood products as well as being responsible forest management – FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC® (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) that account for some 98% of the world's certified forests and chain of custody certificates.

Making significant progress towards environmental awareness, the company obtained the FSC® certificate, which confirms, FSC® labeled products are made for relations management, paper made from renewable forests.

FSC® is an international, independent NGO created in 1993 by environmental NGO's, wood trade organizations, foresters from 25 countries, and is the most recognized group promoting forestry certification standards globally. FSC® certification ensures that the certified forests, timber processing plants, and furniture factories accept and comply with all relevant FSC® requirements, and their products meet environmentally and socially responsible standards. The certification process takes the following criteria into consideration: maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance during logging and afforestation/reforestation, as well as empowering the workers and inhabitants of the affected areas.

From the beginning of 2014 also PEFC® certified papers are available in/at our headquarters/center, so we became competent in sales and production of the two most widely spread environmental certified typographic products.

PEFC® is the second more important forest certification system. The PEFC® organization was created by European timber industry in collaboration with forest owners.
PEFC® certification provides standardized support/background and enjoys the recognition/regard of different national, local and regional certification programs. PEFC® is committed to sustainable forest management, which corresponds to the interests of forest owners.
The criteria of the evaluation are different from the FSC® -ones, but there are no differences in the method of the process and distribution (chain of supervision)

We recommend our clients paper manufactured from responsibly managed forests. Let us save our environment!