The roots of Ipress Center can be traced back to the beginning of the 90s, when a small family-run printing house was set up in Göd. In 2004 the small business expanded into a professional sheet-fed printing house but the real change came about when the KVOS, an Icelandic investor seeking Eastern European investments acquired the rotary printing project.

The rotary printing house called Infopress Group Hungary Zrt. was set up in 2008 and under the management of the Lakatos brothers it saw a rapid development despite the world crisis. Over the course of some years the printing house owned three quarters of the domestic production of quality magazines and became a benchmark in Hungarian printing industry; thus the production of Hungarian quality publications printed abroad could return to our country, and the well-known and popular glossy magazines such as GEO, ELLE, Marie Claire and Playboy are now produced by Hungarian printers.

In 2009 the company ownership was bought back by the brothers from the foreign investment fund fraught with difficulty due to the crisis. Afterwards continuing the investments, production capacity almost doubled along with the exponentially increased turnover. Thanks to the success new jobs were created: in the beginning the company employed 15 people and now it provides subsistence for nearly 250 employees.

A new change was brought about in 2012 when several printing companies - among them Infopress Group Hungary - joined forces to establish Ipress Center Ltd. printing service industry which became successful abroad as well and at present it delivers to 17 European countries ranging from Romania to Norway.

2015 was another milestone for the company, then with more than 10 million Euro transactions as investor and as minority owner Finext Startup Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő Ltd. joined the printing center. With this a new company named Ipress Center Central Europe Ltd. was founded. Though a complete functional and financial reconstruction, it is still led by the previous management with the printing staff remains the same. The management hopes to speed up its extension through the transaction, especially to gain even more by the foreign markets.