Our large capacity printing machines operate with Agfa based preparation system. During preparation great emphasis is put on high quality and excellent colour matching with the help of the newest tools and software.

In our preparation department there are professional operators at our customers' service 24 hours a day on weekdays. The PDF files ready for press can be submitted on FTP or Apogee Portal to us. Thanks to the web-based user-friendly interface it takes only a short time to upload, check and approve the data.

Checking the ripped and processed PDF files is a multi-step procedure: in the first stage an automatic system controls them, then the operators go over the material to check manufacturability, in the end we carry out the last manual security check before preparing the plate.

In order to maintain consistency and high quality, our tools are continuously calibrated, and we always work with the most recently developed software available.

Downloaded materials:

CTP specification
Apogee pilot
ICC profiles