Classic social programmes

Supporting nursery schools

After consultations with the management, the nursery school in Újhelyi Street in Vác was granted a donation of 1,000,000 HUF in August 2013. The amount went to renovation of the sanitary unit this summer. Following this good example we had parents and firms join in donating, and the nursery school organized a sponsoring ball, so more than double the amount of the original donation of IPC was received by the nursery school.

Supporting large families in need - Charitable Christmas 2013

At Christmas 2013, besides the financial aid of the National Association of Large Families more than 50 families with little children in need living in or around Vác had a colorful festive season with the involvement of the National Association of Large Families and the House of Social Services of the Local Government of Vác.
We delivered the packages in person to the families, which included staple food, Christmas candies, toys and colorful drawing materials also coloring books, note-books, copy-books, product samples and other fixed offerings from Marquard Media.
We try our best to keep in touch with the supported families and continue the aid, for this end there are plans to organize a sports day in order to enrich the children in need with an everlasting experience.

Cooperation with the Local Government of Vác

Also, we take an active part in the civil life of Vác, that is why we make an effort to help the Local Government in several fronts (Car-free Day, protection works against floods, supporting a series of events on Earth Day ), in order to form a more cohesive community and a more liveable and likeable town.