With You

Social responsibility is not only our programme, but also an approach: since the end of 2013 we have been coordinating our charitable actions carried out in multiple areas under the name We Are With You, with the aim to

• give a better life for those in need, mainly children, living in our neighborhoods,
• let the generations of the future experience acts of kindness and help so as altruism and keeping a careful eye on others would become their second nature,
• create an attractive, motivating atmosphere, a cohesive community for our colleagues.

We are present in many areas ranging from the baby programme for employees to promoting sports or participating in our city's everyday life, and we are very proud of our colleagues who voluntarily support the initiatives and are personally involved in the programmes. It is important for us to develop the commitment to social responsibility together with our colleagues.

As we would like to have a tangible, visible impact on our social environment, the logo of We Are With You conveys the idea of diversity and the willingness to help voluntarily. Veled Vagyunk - Ipress Center

The We Are With You programme not only helps, but also tries to encourage members of the community of Vác to provide support and act as a catalytic converter in the process of coordinating the activities, therefore local inhabitants are often involved in voluntary activities. This experience has proven that a positive example gains adherents in local communities thus multiplying the beneficial impact. That is why it is children who are the focus of the We Are With You programme, and we strive to make an impact in those parts which are able to touch the others as well.
We aim to address the youth, children and the new generation mainly in order to have a more tight-knit and more co-operant local community of tomorrow. We believe that a strong public confidence in Vác means a more cohesive community and a more liveable and likeable city. Every participant believes that other settlements, cities and corporations will benefit from the experience of good practices of the programme.