Community building programmes

Ipress Könyvklub

In autumn 2016 as crucial part of our program series “Veled Vagyunk” – We are with you, 2 reading corner in the library of Vác have been renewed. The main object with the renovation was on one hand, that the members of the rising generation could discover the happiness of reading and on the other hand, that the urban library could get a bigger role in the everyday life through the local community building activities.

The new reading rooms became refreshingly youthful, more comfortable and will hopefully attract more and more visitors.

Beside the esthetic and convenient points, we wanted to increase the curiosity and also the desire for reading, so on the exclusive shelves the favorite books of VIPs from the printing industry are placed. These volumes have hand-written personal recommendation.

The reading corner, which has been renovated in 2016 summer, had a ceremonial consecrated on the 27th of October in the urban library named Katona Lajos.

Megújult a váci könyvtár olvasóterme

Felújított olvasótermek a könyvtárban (0:45-4:32)

“Újrahasznosított Történelem” (Recycled History)

Summer 2015 we announced a new challenge for the youngsters in Vác. Target audience this time was the secondary school students. The competing 10 groups by the tender “Újrahasznosított Történelem” had to rebuild an almost 2 m high paper scale model of famous buildings in Vác with the carton boxes and other wastepaper provided by us. Our intention was with this paper scale model competition, to show young people, that things made of paper can be creative and trendy even nowadays.

The finale took place in Vác Dóm square before hundreds of spectators on the 21st of October 2015 in the afternoon. The EB3 team from Boronkay György Műszaki Szakközépiskola, Gimnázium and Kollégium won the first price with their creation of the Prisonchapel. The first price included a long weekend in Venice and 500.000 Ft. support for the school. The other schools who entered the competition received 100.000 – 100.000 Ft., thanks to their paper model building students. Every team member is free to join a party cruise later on the Danube. Main purpose of the tender was, to show the various possibilities lying in recycled paper. The prices were offered from the amount of our 100 tons wastepaper that was given for recycling.

Group introductions

VácMyLife video report

Review of the tender

More pictures from the finale

Community building school support

Our action announced in 2013 aims at involving primary schools in the citizens' everyday life and addressing the residents. Our tender does not narrow the limit: setting up the programme was entrusted to school communities and the only condition was its community networking effect. The tender was won in 2014 by the Radnóti Miklós Primary School in Vác with a series of promotional events entitled 'Get Moving', focusing on charitable activities and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Besides its charitable parts, the educational institution deserved the first place with its varied programme that can reach a substantial proportion of the population of Vác and has a potentially significant effect on community networking. The 1,000,000 HUF grant won by the school will be dedicated to implementing the events set up in the tender, as well as to its sports field renovations.

Joint actions implemented in connection with the tender:

A communication plan was set out in cooperation with Radnóti Miklós Primary School in Vác, and, within the framework of this plan, local residents and school children are encouraged to adopt playgrounds. The adoptive people will have to keep the playgrounds free from litter and waste at all times so that the community space would be suitable for use.

Within the framework of Children's Day, a story-book collection is organised. The books collected will be distributed to people in need, furthermore, a portion of the books will be delivered personally to the hospital in Vác, where pupils will read stories from the books to minor patients.

On 17 May 2014 the Radnóti Miklós Primary School in Vác organised the Family, Health and Sports Day. During the event promoting community networking and healthy lifestyle the host school, with the Hungarian Red Cross, organised a Blood Donor Day. Those interested could take part in hearing screening, blood pressure measurement, cholesterol testing, body fat percentage calculation, and blood sugar level testing.
With the assistance of ambulance workers the basics of first-aid can be acquired as well. During the event within the frame of so called 'sports tasting' visitors got a taste of many various sports. In this way everybody could find the most suitable physical activity.

Supporting flower blooming community day in Törökmező

On 20 April 2013 more than 800 children got an unforgettable experience in the heart of Börzsöny Hill, in Törökmező, where a cross-country race was organised. The personal certificates of merit which were made by Ipress Center will evoke eternal memories when placed on the walls of children's rooms or living rooms.

This year on 17 May 2014 about 100-1200 children were welcomed by the organisers to the event of 'Flower Blooming Day' which also took place in Törökmező. Similarly to last year, a cross-country race was included in the programme among other interesting events (plant and animal recognition, trying out telescopes and microscopes, getting to know the secrets of scouting, etc.). According to our hopes the event will become a tradition, and more and more young people will get acquainted with the beauty of nature, and we hope to make them realise that they can match their dexterity, deftness and knowledge not only in virtual fights made in front of computers.